How To Choose Investments For Your Roth IRA

I go over How to Choose Investments in your Roth IRA categorized by risk level! These are just my opinions on them, I hope you enjoy.

0:00 – Starting Zone
0:50 – Format for Today’s Video
2:49 – Cash
3:02 – T Bills
3:41 – Bonds
4:08 – Large Cap Stocks
4:42 – REITs
5:23 – ETFs / Target Date Funds
6:24 – Mutual Funds
7:53 – Growth Stocks
9:08 – High Growth ETFs
9:52 – Crypto ETFs
10:28 – Crypto Derivatives
11:38 – Free Stocks

Least Risky:
– Cash – don’t be in cash, it loses to inflation

– T Bills – 0.16% interest rate, not good, might be worth it if you’re closer to 60, otherwise not the best return at all

– Bonds – safe, but they don’t pay well at all anymore

Medium Risk:
– Large Cap Stocks – safer mega caps stocks would be good to hold in your Roth IRA long term

– REITs – good for dividends, can also appreciate long term, gets you exposure to real estate,

– ETFs / Target Date Funds – on average 8% a year with Vanguard funds like VOO.

– Mutual Funds – usually active fund manager, higher fees, often times doesn’t beat the VOO index

Higher Risk:
– Growth Stocks – risky, but if you have a high conviction in a few, could be great for your Roth IRA to roll gains into later

– High Growth ETFs – higher expense ratios like ARKK, but could return higher – volatile

– Crypto ETFs – very volatile, must have a good appetite for risk

– Crypto Derivatives – same as above

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PS: I am not a Financial Advisor, any investment commentary are my opinions only. Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I do receive a commission for.

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