It possible to buy bitcoins with roth ira account bitcoin login

It possible to buy bitcoins with roth ira account bitcoin login
Im 50 years old and I invted 10,000 in a Bitcoin IRA about 6 months ago when bitcoin was at $3,800. How much do you think I will have by the time I retire, 17 years from now? According to Google Trends, the number two most searched topic on cryocurrency is pricing. Price has slowly proved itself to be the determining factor for new invtors on whether they want to invt or not. Qutions determining price also differ between veterans and neophytes. Older community members usually ask qutions about the philosophy of cryocurrency, such as utility and purpose. New invtors are looking to increase the value of their portfolio and focus on massive, immediate gains. Their qutions usually are When will Bitcoin reach 100,000 USD?, Is Bitcoin a good invtment?, and very frequently How much will it be worth X amount of years from now? I am going to give a small PSA to every new invtor on the blockchain. Nobody will be able to tell you accurately the price movements tomorrow, a year from now, or 10 years. In fact, nobody will be able to tell you the price of mainstream stocks tomorrow. Both markets wor.k on the basis of fear and human psychology. And as history proves, human psychology is chaotic and often self defeating. If you are in the blockchain community at all, you will have heard the terms FUD and FOMO. FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. FOMO, on the other hand, stands for Fear Of Missing Out. If FUD is on one end of a spectrum, than FOMO is its counterpart. Your 10,000 USD invtment lies at the heart, or middle, or the FUD FOMO line. The reason why your qution is unanswerable is because your psyche and invtment will co.nstantly shift along the line. What is worth invting in today, may not be true for you tomorrow. Now apply that mind set to every single invtor, big or small, in the cryosphere. It is impossible to determine pricing with so many players and so many factors in play. I can give you my personal opinion on the pricing in 7 years. It will easily reach 1 million USD in 15 to 20 years. I got this number after researching what the cryowhales are saying. Stocks and cryocurrency are a self fulfilling prophecy. People like Charlie Lee and Mike Novogratz, regardless of your like or dislike for them, are essentially Delphi Oracles. If they say a coin is a good buy in terms of future price, the influence is immediate. People will flock into the ICO and buy the token out. In turn, the massive influx will drive the price up. The qution remains, is the pricing indicative of a truly, good project or was it due to self fulfilment from influencers? To colude, I believe your Bitcoin IRA will be worth at least a hundred time your ROI. If cryocurrency truly delivers on its initial promise, your invtment will prove its worth in the next 2 5 years. However, emotions are dynamic and so is the volatility of the cryo market. The big picture idea I want to impart is this Price isnt everything. While the news blasts the price of Bitcoin or Litecoin, you should be focusing on which projects have solid teams and platforms. Wealth will naturally follow an ICO that builds a worng, useful platform. The cryptgame is changing by the minute and thinking about price as the sole reason to get into a coin will be the downfall of new invtors as the years go by. ———————————————————————————————————

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