3 Myths About Precious Metals Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

In this segment, John Bowens discusses the three most commons myths investors assume about investing in precious metals with a self-directed IRA.

The common myths include:
1. There will be tax penalties for investing in physical metals with a self-directed IRA, Roth IRA, or solo 401(k).
2. I can only rollover and transfer funds to a self-directed account one time a year.
3. I can hold the physical metals in a safety deposit box in my name or at my own physical residence/business address.

Watch how these myths are debunked and how investors can potentially benefit from investing in precious metals such as gold and silver with a self-directed account.

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8 Laws to Plan Your Wealth to Become and Remain Rich

In Part I of this article, we looked at “WHAT IS THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WEALTH?” With the first 19 of the 48 laws of wealth, you learnt to develop the psychology to achieve the mind-set of a wealthy and successful person and attract great wealth into your life: PART II: HOW DO YOU PLAN YOUR WEALTH? This section of the laws of wealth is designed to help you plan for wealth. Wealthy and successful people leave nothing to chance, they plan meticulously. So must you.

18 Laws to Create Wealth to Make You Become and Remain Rich

PART II of the Laws titled “HOW DO YOU PLAN YOUR WEALTH?” helped you plan for wealth. Part III: HOW DO YOU CREATE YOUR WEALTH? This is a ‘do’s and don’ts’ guide. With many of the basic principles time tested, these laws will teach you how to create and attract wealth using specific strategies and systems that bring results. They are so important that we will dwell a bit more on some of them.

19 Laws of the Psychology of How to Become and Remain Rich

There are laws of wealth that the rich follow to make and keep their money. If you want to be wealthy, you must obey these laws too. This article will look at 19 of them. Part I of this article, made up of 19 laws, will look at the psychology of wealth; part II teaches you how to plan your wealth with 8 laws; part III will use 18 laws to get you to create your wealth; and in the conclusion, made up of 3 laws, you will learn how to keep and share your wealth.

Be Open to Your Magnificence and Use It to Build Prosperity

As a woman in business, your ambition is to achieve prosperity (in any way that you define that). This can only happen if you embrace your true potential; when you are ready to shine with your genuine magnificence for building prosperity.

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