AdMail – Episode 105

In this week’s episode, IRA Financial’s Adam Bergman Esq. answers questions about charging interest on an IRA loan, prohibited transactions on an IRA loan, and borrowing funds for a Solo 401(k) real estate deal.

0:00 Intro

2:25 *Question 1: I want to use my Self-Directed IRA to lend my brother money – do I need to charge an interest rate?

4:24 *Question 2: If I lend my friend money via my Self-Directed IRA and he turns around and lends the funds back to me, would that be a prohibited transaction?

7:45 *Question 3: I want to buy real estate with my Solo 401(k) and need additional funds. Can I borrow funds from a friend, or do I have to use a bank?

9:37 Outro

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IRA Financial Group was founded by Adam Bergman, a former tax and ERISA attorney who worked at some of the largest law firms. During his years of practice, he noticed that many of his clients were not even aware that they can use an IRA or 401(K) plan to make alternative asset investments, such as real estate. He created IRA Financial to help educate retirement account holders about the benefits of self-directed retirement plan solutions.

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