Advanced Self-Directed Investing for the Master Transactor

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What Are The Benefits Of Saving Your Money?

Saving money is a hard habit to keep. Find out some of the many benefits of saving your money versus wasting it each month.

Coin Hogging and Other Saving Habits

People who keep on making the most effort in cutting on spending their money and looking at cheap products penny-pinchers. Penny-pinchers who save all the money that happen to fall onto their hands are called coin hoggers. These people are conscious of their money–literally, every cent of it.

Financial Planning And How To Protect Your Family

You may feel invincible now, but have you ever considered how you will cope financially if something goes wrong with your job or your health? A key part of your financial plan should be to protect your current and future lifestyle. You do this already (because the Government forces you to) with your car insurance. This is because as a society we recognise that we should ensure that if we have an accident we cover not only our own expenses, but also those for which we may be liable. The same goes for home insurance. We all pay for cover just in case something drastic goes wrong. And of course, sometimes it does, and you are glad of the insurance cover to pay out to cover all those unexpected expenses.

Creating Wealth Through Shariah Compliance

Shariah compliance is based in Islamic finance and quite simply forbids usury or riba which is the charging of interest on a loan or riba al nasia. This compliance also prohibits gharar or excessive risk by one or more parties involved in a contract. Finally, shariah compliance disallows haram investments including pork-related investments, gambling, entertainment, war expenditures and pornography.

What to Do With 1 Million Dollars – Where to Spend It?

A good problem to have is one of what to do with 1 million dollars. It is not usual to be showered by a million dollars, even though a lot of people may imagine it and dream about a lot of times. Once you have gotten over the sweet shock of actually owning it, you can begin with making plans about where you should be spending it, and how. It is very important to get used to the stares of envy and looks of distress that you will encounter from other people, while having all the cash bulging out of your wallets and purses. You can then start with asking your parents, siblings or your best friends about what you should do with it.

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