How do I move money from an existing retirement plan to a Self-Directed account?

In this video, John Bowens, Equity Trust’s National Education Specialist, answers the commonly asked question, “How do you move money from another retirement account into a self-directed IRA?” in regards to a variety of employer-sponsored and non-employer-sponsored retirement account funds that you may be wanting to transfer to your self-directed IRA.

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Technology these days never fails to surprise us with new developments. Advanced technology has made it possible for people to work from their homes. Yes, from the comfort of your own home you can now earn money and become rich.

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3 Ways to Make Extra Money in Year 2011

With the increasing inflation rate around the world, many people have been worrying over the subject of ‘money’. While some realises that requesting for an increment in pay might be an issue with their bosses, I highly recommend to increase your earnings with whatever resources you have! Here are 3 ways to make extra money off the new economy in Year 2011.

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