Real Estate Investor Closing Cost Calculator

Equity Real Estate Services CEO James Schlimmer joins Equity Trust’s National Education Specialist John Bowens as they walk real estate investors through IRA Title Pro’s Closing Cost Calculator.

This tool gives buyers an estimate of what they will need to close on the property, and it gives sellers an estimate of how much money they’ll walk away with at the end of the sale.

The closing cost calculator can be used via or text message at 440-571-7161.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in real estate with your retirement account, schedule a one-on-one call with an IRA Counselor:

IRA Title Pro is powered by Investors United Title, who is an affiliate of Equity Trust Company through common ownership.

Equity Trust Company is a directed custodian and does not provide tax, legal, or investment advice. Any information communicated by Equity Trust Company is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as tax, legal, or investment advice. Whenever making an investment decision, please consult with your tax attorney or financial professional.

The Elevation Group Review – Mike Dillard’s Investment Strategies of the Rich

Where in the world can you park your retirement money in a safe place that will earn you 5-10% no matter the market? Want to know what you get when you become a member of Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group: Taking you inside the secret “black box” strategies of the rich…? I learned more about the history of world finances in 90 minutes than I have my entire life. 3 of the 10+ topics covered on “how to” massively gain during the greatest wealth transfer in history: a step by step approach to starting from zero, how to protect your assets, when to buy, sell & what to buy next; & how to teach your children to build a billion dollar legacy within 3 generations + more. Whether you are investment savvy or brand new to the “game”, like me read this article.

Gold to Crash in 2011

If you you have been thinking about investing in Gold or Silver, you might have an opportunity of a life time in 2011. Over the last 5 years Gold and Silver have been two of the best performing assets, well out preforming the overall markets. Gold once again is becoming a mainstream investment.

The Rule Of The Duck

Protect you and your family from unforeseen financial disasters that would cripple your wealth. With asset protection you are able to shelter your home, real estate holdings, and retirement portfolio from those who would take it away. Don’t become a ‘lame duck’ and lose your shirt.

In a Faith Based Currency, What Are Things Really Worth?

Gold is undervalued and is a better reference standard than money. Valuing against commodities is a better way to express worth than with dollars.

The Best Ways to Evaluate the Performance of Different Investment Firms

Which online brokerage firm should you go with? How do you decide which one is the right one for you? Do they charge differently for their services than their competition does? What is their track record on actually turning a profit for the customers who invest with them?

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