Self-Directed Investing Fuels Couple’s Outreach Across the Globe: Brad’s Story

Brad and his wife’s missionary work wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for an investing strategy that enables him to build his wealth faster than by traditional means.

Helping the impoverished is a cause that’s important to Brad from Utah. He and his wife recently returned from an 18-month-long humanitarian mission trip to the poverty-stricken West-African country of Liberia.

His participation and support of these outreach programs would not be possible if it wasn’t for his alternative investments that are producing passive income in his self-directed retirement accounts. As Brad describes, he could not afford to help others in this way if he relied on other strategies to grow his wealth.

Learn more about how Brad helps people in need, and the investments that are helping him grow his wealth faster so he can participate in causes that mean so much to him.

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