Taking Control of Your Retirement

In this video, John Bowens and John Kmetz discuss how to take back control of your retirement with a self-directed IRA.

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More and more people are moving away from relying solely on traditional methods of managing their retirement (financial advisors, wealth management firms, etc.).

Self-directed accounts give you the ability to invest your IRA in cryptocurrency, real estate, private equity, and other alternatives while also allowing you to invest in traditional markets.

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How Do You Think and Grow Rich?

The classic book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, relates his interviews with the wealthiest people in his day. He identifies common characteristics they used to build their enormous fortunes. The major theme is that wealth begins in your mind. Do you agree with this?

Debt Buyers: Discover How These 3 Growth Niches Possess Tremendous Profit Potential

Debt buyers traditionally purchase debt portfolios, such as charged off credit cards, because of their large account balances, and the potential for profit. However, greater profit margins can be realized in these markets explained in this article.

Saving Money for Retirement

This article provides the public with tips to saving money for retirement. This is a really good read for everyone.

Investment Funds – Not for the Wealthy Any More?

Recent reports seem to suggest the Ultra High net worth investors have changed their investment strategies away from traditional funds. This is having a significant effect upon the wealth management industry – prompting some to fear lasting damage is being done.

Stockholder or Stakeholder, The Difference That Really Matters

Have you bought any stock recently? I’m talking shares of a single company into which you have put your faith and your hard earned dollar. Do you know what you own – the business, competitors, barriers to entry, Book Value, Return on Equity, etc.? If not, then think again. The key to wealth is keeping your losses to a minimum.

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