The Building Blocks of Self-Directed Investing

In this episode, John discusses the potential of leveraging a self-directed account, rules and regulations of self-directed investing, how to get started, and more!

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0:00 Intro
0:49 What is a Self-Directed IRA?
3:29 What are the rules and guidelines of a Self-Directed IRA?
4:30 What assets are deemed impermissible?
5:45 What transactions are prohibited?
6:15 Who are disqualified persons to your IRA?
7:27 What are some common questions?
10:00 How do you get started?
11:13 John answers a viewer’s question: Does the cash in an Equity Trust account earn interest?
12:03 Some other options to make potentially more than what the cash rate is paying!
12:57 How to gain access to our free Self-Directed IRA Investor kit!

The Surprising Way to Build Wealth

There are many different ways to build wealth besides hitting the lottery or receiving an inheritance. In the following article you’ll discover some secrets to building wealth that many people don’t know that they can take advantage of.

Wealth For Life – Everybody Wants it But Only 3% Succeed

Have you ever wondered why money seems to flow so abundantly to a small group of wealthy people and not to others? Have you ever suspected that there might be more to the story about the world’s economic mess than we’ve been led to believe in the media?

The (Incredibly Rare) Millionaire Mind

This week I have had my mind blown to bits, I had to write an article about this: Two conversations are responsible for this, neither of them with me. First, my wife told me about a conversation she had had with her sister, let’s call her “Joanne”. My wife casually asks Joanne if she new that with the power of compounding she could invest less then $1000 and if it made 8% per month and if she forgot about it for more than 7 years she would be a millionaire.

Why You Need to Save in an ISA

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a great investment vehicle that you need to take full advantage of. We all know just how important it is to save money and to invest for the future, but for most it seems like a distant dream – buried under credit card debt.

Introduction to Private Banking

Many may not be familiar with the term “private banking.” On the surface you might think, “isn’t all banking private?” Private banking is a blanket term that is used to describe the personalized attention that a banker or advisor gives to high wealth individuals.

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