Where is Bitcoin?

In this video, John Bowens and Johnny Knetz discuss where bitcoin is actually stored and how it is kept safe and secure.

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Bitcoin is stored on the public ledger, which block chain creates.

Each account has a public key and a private key which work like passcodes to facilitate the movement of digital assets. The public key is what everyone sees and what they can use to send digital assets to. The private key is your own personal hidden passcode where you can go in and withdraw funds.

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How to Become Rich – Find Out How to Make Money Online

Earning money with the help of internet is a viable option; it can be really easy and simple. Some of the best ways to earn money online are affiliate marketing, doing online business, freelance writing and taking online surveys.

Save Money

Everyone knows that the best way to have more money is by saving money. Simply put, every dollar less that you spend than you would have is the same as earning another dollar, except you don’t have to spend your precious time working for it. All it takes is committing to making the effort to save on things you buy every day. If you can just make that commitment you’ll be surprised to see how much you will actually save.

Help! I Need Money Now!

In this day and age, everyone seems to be scrambling as to how to make money quickly. People talk to me all the time and they are on the Niagara about to go over the falls. They have 2 months left until they run out of money or they are already broke. It’s not a fun economy to be in, but this stuff is more and more common. If you have time, then I suggest network marketing, but if you don’t, then this might be an option for you.

Geared Investments

Gearing usually means borrowing money to invest. When you borrow money to buy an income-producing asset, the interest you pay (along with related expenses) is tax-deductible, while your income is taxable. If you borrow so much that your expenses exceed your income, you have a negatively geared investment.

Budget to Manage Your Income and Expenditures

 A common approach to achieving the best use of cash involves picking the “low hanging fruit” by identifying and attacking your top five or so expenditures. This is usually done by looking at your spending patterns over time, and identifying recurring patterns and amounts that can be predicted and managed. Your adviser can provide you with help and tools to create a budget to do this.

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